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Clarke Family Reunion

This page is primarily for the Descendants of Benjamin Clarke (1756-1816), a large Kentucky family that has held an annual reunion since 1924.

Benjamin Clarke came to Maysville, Kentucky from Fluvanna County, Virginia, during the decade beginning 1790. At that time Maysville was called Limestone. We have no information about Benjamin’s ancestory nor of his wife, Sarah Jones. We have no record of their birth or marriage. Their grave markers show their date of death and age from which we get the year of birth shown in this record. The year of marriage is the year before the first child was born.

This picture shows Limestone Landing which became Maysville, Kentucky. It was taken of a mural painted on the Ohio River floodwall in Maysville. The scene depicts what the site looked like around 1780. Benjamin’s migration from Fluvanna County, Virginia about 1790 is oral family history that may not be entirely correct as we have no written record. We do know that around 1790 he left his family in Virginia and traveled to Kentucky to survey land. The area around Mason County was a dangerous place in 1790 with frequent raids by the Shawnee. It would be natural for him to leave his wife and children in the safety of Virginia. Benjamin legally contracted to locate warrantees on land in Kentucky for John Clarke of Goochland County, Virginia. The agreement was that one half of the land would go to Benjamin for his services. There is a deed transfer showing that on December 5, 1796, John Clarke deeded 1750 acres in Nelson County, Kentucky to Benjamin for his services. This is not the land he settled on. Nelson County is about 200 miles from Mason County. There is conflicting information regarding when he finally settled his family in Mason County. There is a deed transfer showing he sold 281 acres of land in Virginia on August 29, 1798. Documentation shows that his youngest child was born in Virginia in 1799 and that his wife, Sarah, died on their land in Mason County, Kentucky in February, 1800. We have recently acquired information that he was living in Point of Fork, Fluvanna County, Virginia in 1795. Click here to view the information and get a glimpse of the life of Benjamin Clarke.

At the time of Benjamin’s death in 1816 he owned over 3,000 acres of land in what is now Mason County, Kentucky.

Our reunion is held on the first Saturday of August and has been going on since 1924. It is open to anyone who can show they are decended from Benjamin Clarke.