Clarke Family Picture Album

William Pepper Clarke William Pepper & Delia Clarke

The picture on the left is William Pepper Clarke (1819-1890), grandson of Benjamin Clarke. In the picture on the right he is shown with his second wife Delia, known as "Dullie". His first wife, Elizabeth, was Dullie's sister.

Elizabeth died leaving a one year old son. Four months later he married 18 year old Dullie who gave him 13 more children. William, Elizabeth, and Dullie are buried together at Mayslick, Kentucky.

Joseph Smith Clarke Joe Miller Clarke Family

The picture on the left is Joseph Smith Clarke, son of William Pepper Clarke and his first wife, Elizabeth. He is also in the picture on the right, standing in the back row, on the right. One of his sons, Joe Miller Clarke, is in the back row wearing the hat. His wife, Cora, is next to him. Their daughter, Katherine Dye, is next to Cora. Their sons are on the front row: William Roland, Enoch Paul, and David Smith.

Lizzie Lee Clarke Mary Warder Clarke

These are two of Joseph Smith's daughters. Lizzie Lee Clarke on the left and Mary Warder Clarke on the right.

Champ ClarkeMattie and Sterling StockdaleDavid Dye Clarke
The picture on the left is Champe Clarke 1912-1978. He left an endowment providing funds to finance the Clarke Family Reunions. They have been free to family members since. The picture in the center is David Dye Clarke 1887-1960, son of Joseph Smith Clarke and Carrie Dye. The picture on the right is David Dye Clarke's sister Mattie Reese Clarke with her husband Sterling Stockdale

Dullie Hickman ClarkeElias Leroy Clarke
The picture on the left is Delia (Dullie) Hickman (1832-1906), wife of William Pepper Clarke. She is also shown in the picture at the top of the page later in her life. On the right is one of their sons, Elias Leroy Clarke (1851-1886).

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