Benjamin Clarke's handwriting

The document pictured below is a marriage license written by Benjamin Clarke for his daughter, Elizabeth to marry Walter Lacey. It reads: "Capt Thomas Marshal Clarke of the County Court of Mason. Sir I heareby certify that I have consented that Walter Lacey may marry my daughter Betsy - given under my hand this 5th day of January 1805." It is signed Benjamin Clarke and witnessed by Walter Leak and Susannah Clarke. Elizabeth (Betsy) was 16 at the time. She died in 1822 at the age of 33 after giving Walter Lacey eight children. We do not know who Susannah Clarke was. We have no record that Benjamin married again but his will makes provision for a widow's dower. He was 44 and wealthy when his wife, Sarah Jones, died so it is likely that he married again and possible that Susannah was his wife.

Benjamin Clarke's consent for his daughter to marry
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