Reunion Minutes

89th Annual Clarke Family Reunion Minutes 2013

Mary Steinman motioned to begin the meeting and Glenda Christian seconded.

The meeting was called to order by President Allison Stout at 6:45 pm.

The minutes from the 87th Reunion were read and accepted.

Financial report was given.

67 people in attendance.

Board recommendations:

..Steve Haigis – President
..Jenny Deck – Vice President
..Jim Price – special 2 year seat as director


Farthest travelled Gerry & wife from Temple, Florida
Youngest – Lucy Gifford (DOB) 7-24-12
Honerable Mention, Moffett Clarke – 90 years young

Jason Miller and Mary Steinman presented Debbie Miller the Champ Award.

Motion to adjorn made by Glelnda Christian, seconded by Jim Price.


83rd Annual Clarke Family Reunion Minutes 2007

President Landon Mathews called this meeting to order at approximately 6:40 p.m.

This year we are using name tags o that we will know who everyone is. They are located at the table in the center of the room.

The buffet is in the main dining room. It will be open until 9:00 p.m.

We want to say a special “thank you” to Sharron Mathews and Vicki Brown for pulling this year’s reunion together with reservation forms and the meal. Michael Clarke took care of the reservations and Mary steinman helped tremendously too.

There was one applicant for the scholarship. Her name is Janell Miller and she is attending Western University. We will be sending her a check.

Moffet Clarke traveled the farthest this year. He drove from Indianapolis, Indiana which is around 130 miles.

Our youngest member present this year is Jenny Brooke Hardin. She is 10 months old and the granddaughter of Nancy Treadway. Our oldest member present this year is Marjorie Price. She is 88 years young.

We will finish the business meeting after dinner. President Mathews asked Brendan Mathews to say grace.

Nancy Treadway read the minutes from 2006. Sharron Mathews made the motion to acept these as read. Mary Steinman seconded this motion.

Our numbers have decreased again this year. We have approximately 50 people total in attendance

At preseant time we have $15,045.97 in People’s Bank. We are doing well. Treasurer Glenda Christian received a letter from People’s Bank in Flemingsburg requesting a fee increase of 7%. Glenda is in Honduras this year and Vicki Brown has stepped in for this meeting. We will not increase our fee. It will stay at 6%. We have $115,000 invested at People’s Bank; $508.59 in our private checking account; $2,278.31 from a CD that will mature and $810.48 and $573.47 from two other CD,s A motion of accept this report was made by Penny Kau0fman and Sharron Mathews seconded.

Old/New Business

There are cookbooks available. Please see Sharron Mathews.

We discussed the condition of the Clarke-Lacy cemetery. We came to no conclusion. No one knew anything about it.

New Officers

Michael Clarke has been recommended for President. Mary Steinman has been recommended for Vice President. The floor is open to the family for more suggestions. Vickie Brown nominated Mary Steinman for President. It was discussed whether or not Michael Clarke wanted to service as President. Landon had an email from him stating that he would be President. There was a vote. The family voted unanimously for Mary Steinman to be President.

We need three (3) directors on the board. The nominees are:

    Cathy McCord – 18 votes
    Penny Kaufman – 21 votes
    Sherry Rames – 4 votes
    Vicki Brown – unanimous


Mary Steinman nominated Alysson Stout for Vice President. Sharron Mathews seconded this motion. The family voted and it was unanimous also.

At this point President Landon Mathews turned the floor to Mary Steinman.

Mary did a lot of research and looking into someplace new for our reunion. One of the options was Georgetown, Kentucky. She had details about what there was to do and go see along with the room charges. Option 2 was Bowling Green, Kentucky. Again she checked into all the details and reviewed them with the family. The 3rd option wdas Genearal Butler State Park. This option it was decided would be put on a back burner for another year when they have an inside facility available. There were a lot of people that said there was nothing to do at Blue Licks so this is the reason we have looked elsewhere.

Sharron Mathews recommended we take a vote. The family voted. Option 1 was Georgetown, Kentucky. 3 people voted in favor of this. Option 2 was Bowling Green, Kentucky. 27 people voted in favor for this. The third and final option wdas to stay at Blue Licks. 3 people voted in favor for this. For the 2008 Reunion we will meet in Bowling Green. More details to follow. Don’t forget Bowling Green is 1 hour behind us.

There were fundraining ideas discussed to lower your room charge. Nothing was set in stone at this time. We will get back with the family about this.

A motion to adjourn this meeting wqs made by Alysson Stout. This motion ws seconded by Moffet Clarke.

The 83rd Reunion business meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

82nd Annual Clarke Family Reunion Minutes August 5, 2006

President Landon Mathews called this meeting to order at approximately 6:00 P.M

At this time we have decided to stay at Blue Licks. All suggestions for other possibilities are welcome.

Nancy Treadway read the minutes from 2005. Sharron Mathews made the motion to accept these as read. Michael Clarke seconded this motion.

Our niumbers have decreased this year. We have 50 people total in attendance
The Clarke Cookbook is still available.

At present time we have $13,818.84 at People’s Bank. We are doing well.

The newsletter will be distributed tonight and any donations for scholarship and flower fund can be given to Glenda Christian.

This year’s scholarship was awarded to Marley Carrington-Maurer. She will attend the University of Cincinnati for fashion and design. Let’s wish her well with her continued education.

At this time we will break and have dinner. We will resume after the evening meal. Brendan Mathews will say grace.

Old/New Business

The Lacy cemetery has not been mowed and it is all grown up. Joe Clarke visited there and it was a terrible mess.

Michael Clarke and David Clarke talked to Mr. Moreland. Last year they cut the grass.

The newsletter for next year will be done by Stephani Gifford.

We need new people to put flowers at the Lacy cemetery and at Benjamin Clarke’s.

The motion was made by Sharron Mathews to discontinue the flower fund and to put the money in the scholarship fund. Glenda Christian seconded this motion.

We need 1 or 2 board members. Sharron Mathews has been nominated. If she decides she wants to, Vicki Brown will seip down. Mary Steinman will take Vicki’s place. The motion was carried with the majority vote.

The oldest relative present at the reunion this year is David Jones. He is 81. The youngest relative present at the reunion this year is Gracie Paige Fryman. She is 13 months old. The farthest traveled: 130 miles North Dayton Ohio.

  • 1. Phil Clarke
  • 2. Henry Lacy Clarke III

Please update your address with Vicki Brown or Stephani Gifford.

Joe Clarke will set up the computer for anyone who wishes to look at the family tree. We have this meeting room for the remainder of the night.

David Jones made the motion to adjourn. Nancy Treadway seconded.


Clarke Family Reunion, Inc. Treasurer's Report August 8, 2004

Sharron Mathews, Treasurer, reported at the Family Business meeting of August 7, 2004, that funds were sufficient in the Family Reunion General Fund, to satisfy the total expenses incurred by the 2004 Reunion meal.


The General Fund is maintained at Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Co. in Bardstown, KY. This fund consists solely of amounts donated by members of the Family and are available for Reunion expenses as needed. For the past two years, we have funded our Reunion meal solely from these donations, and have been able to avoid requesting funds from the Trust Account established at the People’s Bank of Flemingsburg by champe Clarke

The General Fund showed a balance as of June 30, 2004 of $1,587.22. The meal charges for the 2004 Reunion were $1,163.60. We were given credit for a $500.00 deposit that Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park was holding from prior year, leaving us a balance due of $663.30. Sharron Mathews paid that amount in full on Sunday, august 8, 2004. Balance remaining in the General Fund before adding back amounts collected at the 2004 Reunion, is $923.62.

Total amount collected for the General Fund at the 2004 Reunion was $1,794.00. This brings the new balance in the General Fund to $2,717.62 as of August 8, 2004.


The Scholarship Fund is maintained at Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Co. in Bardstown, KY. This fund consists of Family donations set aside to assist with educational expenses incurred by high school graduates as they go on to an accredited college or trade school. Funds are awarded annually to the winner(s) of an essay contest held each year. The Board of Directors judges those essays.

In 2004, we had no applicants for the Scholarship award.

The balance in the Scholarship Fund as of the June 30, 2004 was $477.05. Donations received at the 2004 Reunion totaled $47.00 making a total in the Scholarship Fund as of August 8, 2004 of $524.05


Funds collected at the 2004 Reunion for the Flower Fund were distributed between David R. Jones and Virginia Miller. David Jones was given a total of $63.00 and Virginia Miller was given a total of $52.00. David puts flowere at the Clarke-Lacy Cemetery each year on “Reunion Weekend”, at the grave of Benjamin Clarke and the Memorial to Champe Clarke. Virginia Miller puts flowers at the grave of Champe Clarke each reunion Weekend in Elizaville, KY.


The Clarke Family Reunion Trust Account is maintained at the People’s Bank of Flemingsburg, and was established by Champe Clarke. The Family has access to the income earned by the Trust account, which is to be used for Reunion expenses.

The Peoples Bank has reported income in that portion of the Trust of $2,057.05, and an account balance of $7,653.18. At this time, there is no need to request any portion of this balance for Reunion expenses.

Clarke Family Reunion, Inc. FAMILY BUSINESS MEETING August 5, 2001

President David M. Clarke called the 77th Clarke Family Reunion, Inc. to order on August 5, 2001 at 1:05 PM at the Holiday Inn, Bardstown, KY.

The minutes of the 2000 Reunion were read and approved, with motion duly made and seconded.

As the first order of business, President Clarke brought the Family up to date on the condition of Brian Miller, who had been involved in a serious accident about this time last year. Brian is confined to a wheel chair, but has regained some movement and with the support of his family is coming along well.

President Clarke next announced that we have Clarke Family Cookbooks for sale again this year for $6.00 each and they can be purchased after the business meeting from Sharron or him.

Next it was announced that we had received two essays for the Scholarship competition; one from Brent Anderson of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and , one from Amelia Sams from Greenwood, Mississippi. Since neither was present at the Reunion, it was agreed that the $150.00 available in the Scholarship Fund be divided equally between them. Had one of them been presenat, that one would have been granted the entire amount. Future contestant winners will be awarded using these same guidelines. Past President Vicki Brown read Amelia’s essay to the Family and Brent’s essay was read by President Clarke. It was agreed that the Scholarship Fund should be continued and next year’s topic will be “Why Should I Attend My Family Reunions?” A basket was passed for donations to next year’s fund, with a total collected of $228.00.

It was next noted that several birthdays were being celebrated this weekend and birthday wishes were passed along to Allen Graves, Beth Bunner, Tammy Combs and Brandon Wright. Celebrating a birthday on this date was Shirley Clarke.

The status of the Flower Fund was next discussed and President Clarke asked the Family if it was their desire to see the continuation of flowers being placed at either Champ Clarke’s grave or Benjamin Clarke’s grave, or both. Jack Clarke pointed out that there is a memorial to Champ Clarke at Benjamin Clarke’s gravesite and that by placing flowers there, we are honoring them both. After further discussion, it was agreed that the flowers should continue to be placed at these sites during the first week of each August and Virginia Miller and David Jones agreed to share the responsibility in seeing that this is done. It was also noted that Jack Clarke and Joe Clarke place flowers at William Pepper Clarke’s grave on behalf of the Family each Memorial Day. A basket was passed for donations to the Flower Fund and those funds were turned over to Virginia Miller.

As the next order of business, President Clarke presented a financial report to the Family. For the past several years, we have spent anywhere from $500 to $2000 over and above our interest accrual from the Trust Fund. This year, we have gone over nearly $3000 and the Board feels that the time has come to ask for financial assistance from the Family members. It was proposed that a $20.00 Reservation Fee be submitted for each couple sending in a reservation. It that family needs more than one room, the fee submitted should be increased accordingly. This fee should be mailed in to Patrick Clarke, along with the reservation form. Checks should be made payable to the Clarke Family Reunion. Patrick will forward those checks to Sharron Mathews, who will deposit the funds into one of our checking accounts. After the Reunion, those funds will be paid directly to the hotel, with the deficiency being paid by the Trust Fund. No one will be denied attendance if they don’t send in their $20.00 fee, but it is hoped that all will realize the importance of taking this step and will comply. Joe Clarke voiced his support by complimenting the Board for coming to this decision.

The Family was next informed that we have learned that anyone desiring to make a large donation to the Family Fund or a bequest in a will may do so. Those funds can be added to the portion of the Trust Fund that we can use for our Reunion expenses and will go far in allowing us to continue the types of Reunions we have been able to enjoy for the past several years.

With regard to Reunion reservations, it was noted that we continue to have a problem with some Family members making a reservation, but failing to cancel if they cannot be present at the Reunion. The Family still has to pay for those rooms and it is felt that the offenders should reimburse the Family for the amount charged. Sharron will send a bill to any offenders and their name(s) will be remporarily removed from the Newsletter/Reservations mailing list until that bill has been satisfied.

The site of the 2002 Reunion was next discussed and it was decided that we would return to Maysville next year. Numerous complaints were voiced about the service and reservation confusion at the Holiday Inn of Bardstown.

It was next announced that Laura Clarke has agreed to be our Reunion Site Coordinator and, any information and/or bids about future Reunion sites are to be forwarded to her. When getting information, one should ask for corporate rates, and we would need anywhere from 80 to 100 rooms to handle our size. Also, catering facilities must be available with a banquet room large enough for about 250 people. We try to keep room prices around $50 to $70 for a double room and about $16.00 – $17.00 for the meal provided by the Family. Laura would need any information by July 15, 2002 for Reunion Site suggestions for 2003.

Suggestion was next made, that the Newsletter be sent out earlier to allow more time for those people who have to make arrangements to fly to Kentucky. Sharron agreed to get the Newsletter out in December or January. Questionnaires will be mailed out in mid September.

Next recognized were the following:
Ron Clarke for having traveled the greatest distance to attend the Reunion
Brandon Scott Glomb was the youngest present at 13 months
David Smith Clarke was recognized both for the most Reunions attended and for being the oldest in attendance

The drawing for the afghan was next held and was won by Nancy Jo Clarke.

As a last order of business, the following officers and Directors were elected by acclamation:
David M. Clarke, President
Glenda M. Christian, Vice President
Laura Clarke, Secretary/Treasurer
Sharron Mathews, Director
Paula Chantana, Director

With no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Sharron Jones Mathews, Secretary/Treasurer

Clarke Family Reunion, Inc. FAMILY BUSINESS MEETING August 5, 2000

The 76th Clarke Family Reunion, Inc. was called to order at 7:40 PM at the Holiday Inn, Bardstown, KY, by President David M. Clarke.

President Clarke opened the meeting by displaying a copy of the Clarke Family Cookbook, and informing the Family that copies could be purchased for a price of $6.00 each, following the business meeting. Also following the business meeting, the Family was informed that Matt and Kendra Glomb would be setting up a Pampered Chef open house, with a percentage of all sales being donated back to the Family. A check will be forwarded to the Board and funds may be used to offset Reunion expenses or as the Board deems appropriate.

President Clarke next informed the Family of a tragic accident occurring about 3 weeks ago, which left Brian Stephen Miller quadriplegic. Brian is the son of Debbie and Jack Miller, and has one son, Zack. Brian’s family is having a benefit concert in September and tickets to that event are $10.00 each for anyone who would like to attend. Donations are also appreciated and can be made at any 5th/3rd Bank or Firstar Bank location.

On a happier note, President Clarke next announced that the winner of a $150.00 Scholarship was Allyson Stout for her essay entitled “What Family Means to Me”. Allyson read her essay aloud at the meeting and David went on to inform the family that she would be attending the University of Kentucky in the fall. Allyson is a graduate of the Living Waters Christian School in Shelbyville, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Jodith Carolyn Price Stout and the granddaughter of the late James Richard Price. it was noted that applications for future scholarships will be opened up to include anyone who is seeking to further their education beyond the high school level, and not be limited only to graduating high school seniors.

With regard to funding the Scholarship Fund, a basket was passed around the room to collect donations for that purpose. Total amount collected was $114.50. Added to our existing Scholarship Fund, we now have a total in that account of $194.58. A second basket was also circulated, with the request that additional donations be made toward the Flower Fund. Amount collected for that purpose was $119.50, and those funds were to be turned over to Virginia Miller who will see that flowers are placed at the grave site of Champ Clarke and at the Clarke-Lacy Cemetery at appropriate times.

President Clarke next recognized Joe Clarke, who updated the Family on the web site, making a correction to the address published in the Newsletter. Joe also provided a bit of history for the family’s enjoyment. It seems that Pat Chandler located a Last Will and Testament for Thomas Clarke, who died in 1856 at the approximate age of 61. When he died, he had a net worth of some $31,500; a sizable fortune for that day and time. Joe brought the Will to the Reunion for everyone to read.

Jack Clarke next informed the Family that he had been to the cemetery in Mayslick, and was pleased to find that it was in good shape. It had been mowed and trimmed, but Jack found it sad that no flowers were at the graves. He expressed his pleasure in seeing that the Flower Fund was reinstated to provide a manner in which the Family can pay its respects to our forefathers.

President Clarke next reported that Director Michael Clarke had made efforts to organize the sale of Family Reunion T-Shirts this year, but the number of orders received was not sufficient to justify an order at this time. Checks will be returned to those who placed orders this year.

As the next order of business, the itinerary for the 2001 Reunion was presented for consideration and vote. The floor was opened to anyone who had suggestions for any Reunion location other than Bardstown or Maysville. With no one forthcoming, President Clarke asked for a vote to decide whether the Family would hold the 2001 Reunion in Bardstown or Maysville. With vote of 46 to 26, the Family elected to return to Bardstown. It was also agreed that the Family Reunion meal and business meeting would by held on Sunday next year, with a “pay-for-your-own” buffet offered Saturday night. We will ask the Holiday Inn to include in their bid, a price for a light buffet on Saturday evening. It is hoped that the price can be held to $10.00/adult or less. Information and reservations for the buffet will be included in the 2001 Newsletter.

Election of officers and directors was next on the agenda. Nominated for officers were:

David M. Clarke – President
Glenda Christian – Vice President
Sharron Mathews – Secretary/Treasurer

To fill the expiring directors’ terms of Glenda Christian and Michael Clarke, Carolyn Whitt and Laura Clarke were nominated. Motion was duly made and seconded and all were elected by acclamation. Sharron Mathews was asked to send each Board member a notice of the time and place for next year’s Board Meeting a couple of weeks before the meeting.

Next recognized were the following:

David Smith Clarke was the oldest in attendance at age 83
Brandon Scott Glomb was the youngest at age 5 1/2 weeks
Ron and Joyce Clarke had traveled the greatest distance, coming 986 miles from Punta Gorda, Florida
Shirley Clarke was wished a Happy Birthday on August 5th
Others recognized for birthdays within the last few days were Allen Graves, Beth Bonner and Tammy Combs.

Drawing for the City of Bardstown afghan was next held and Marjorie Price was the lucky winner.

Family photographer, Mary Steinman, was next recognized and informed the Family that she is working on a Family Album, and requested that all children 18 or younger remain a few minutes after the business meeting to have a group picture made for the Album. Mary also asked for any pictures of past Reunions that might be added to the book.

It was next announced that, since our last Reunion, Lucy Clarke had passed away. Lucy was the widow of John W. Clarke, and was responsible for locating and leaving to the Family, William Pepper Clarke’s Family Bible.

As the last order of business, the minutes of the 1999 Family business meeting were read and approved.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Sharron Jones Mathews,

Minutes of the 1999 Clarke Family Reunion Business Meeting

The 75th annual meeting of the Clarke Family Reunion was called to order at 8:00 PM on Saturday, July 31, 1999, by President Vicki Brown, at the Ramada Inn of Maysville, Kentucky.

Minutes of the 1998 Family Business Meeting were read and it was asked that the age of the oldest family member in attendance, Marie Graves, be corrected to age 83. With motion by Michael Clarke, second by Glenda Christian, the minutes were approved as corrected.

As the first order of business, President Brown called upon Virginia Miller to report on the Flower Fund. Virginia relayed to the Reunion that flowers had been placed on Champ Clarke’s grave on his birthday, July 23rd, at a cost of $35.00, and again for the Reunion weekend. Also, for the Reunion weekend, flowers were placed at the Clarke/Lacy Cemetery. Cost this weekend was $111.30. The balance in the Flower Fund is now just a little over $145.00. Virginia then informed the Family that the cemetery in Flemingsburg will not leave flowers on a grave for more than a day or so, because of interference with mowing and trimming. The flowers are thrown away and, for that reason, the Board of Directors requested the Family’s consideration for using any balances in the Flower Fund, plus any new donations, to open an interest bearing account designated as a Scholarship Fund. Graduating Seniors seeking to further their education can make application to the Board for those funds. The application should include an essay which, this year, will be entitled, “What Family Means to Me”. Applications should be mailed to Sharron Mathews, who will see that each Director receives a copy of each application. Directors will review the essays and based on the content will select the applicant they feel is most deserving. The recipient will be named at the 2000 Reunion. With motion by Sharron Matthews, second by Nancy Treadway, it was approved to set up the Scholarship Fund. It is noted that any donations specifically earmarked as “Flower Fund” money will be used for that purpose, either placing flowers at the Cemetery or at the Reunion in honor of Champ Clarke.

Next, Vice President David M. Clarke gave a brief synopsis of our financial status. In 1998 our expenditures were a little more than $900 over our interest income. We still have approximately $20,000 in an account that can be used for Reunion expenses. However, efforts need to continue to keep annual expenses within our annual income received, so that we don’t have to spend from our available balances. Clarke Harvey was recognized and asked if it might be possible for Family Members to make contributions to the Trust to build up the corpus. Joe Clarke responded that it probably would be acceptable to do so, but it would be advisable to check with the Bank to find out how contributions should be handled. While Joe had the floor, he also gave a brief update on our Web site and shared with the Family its success. We have had many hits on the site and it has been instrumental in helping to locate some family members that we did not previously have on our mailing lists and directory.

Sharron Mathews was next recognized as she gave an update on the Family Cookbook project. During the previous year, several recipes were received, but most were sent in by only two or three individuals, and were not sufficient in number to make the publication of a cookbook cost effective. Sharron gave out her name and address and requested that more recipes be mailed in and she will continue working toward the publication of a Family Cookbook.

Next President Brown advised the Family that, if interested, we will try to make Reunion T-Shirts/Polo Shirts available for our 2000 Reunion. Several Family Members showed an interest, so Michael T. Clarke will get pricing information together and send to Sharron Mathews so order forms can be included in the January Newsletter Questionnaire Mailing.

As miscellaneous business, President Brown asked that Family members share Reunion pictures with the Family by ordering doubles of their Reunion snapshots. It was also determined that Patrick Clarke has the Family’s slides, but we do not seem to have a projector for showing them. Appreciation was expressed to any Family member that would allow the use of a projector during the Reunion weekend so that those slides could be viewed by all.

As the next order of business, President Brown informed the Family of the Board’s decision to hold next year’s Reunion either at Maysville, Ky. or Bardstown, Ky. Jenny Deck made motion that the 2000 Reunion be held in Bardstown; second was made by David S. Clarke II. Motion carried by a vote of 51 to 41.

President Brown next recognized the following:
Bob and Eve Burns, who traveled the greatest distance to attend the Reunion, from Arizona.
Helen Clarke Harvey who was the oldest Family member in attendance at age 87.
Daniel Joseph Clarke II who was the youngest in attendance at age 6 1/2 months.

Election of Officers and Directors was the next order of business. Nominated for office were:

David M. Clarke – President
Glenda Christian – Vice President
Sharron Mathews – Secretary/Treasurer

With motion by Sarah Clark Hannah, second by Nancy Jo Clark, those nominated were elected by acclamation.

To fill the vacancies created by the expiring Directors terms of Sharron Mathews and Charles Graves, Landon Mathews and David S. Clarke II were nominated. With motion by Michael Clarke, second by Patrick Clarke, Landon and David were elected to serve 3 year terms as Directors.

Next the family sang Happy Birthday to Jessica Gaff as she celebrated her 9th birthday on July 31st. It was also recognized that Brandon Hudson Wright would be 2 years old on August 1st.

As a final order of business, Jessica Gaff drew the name of Cathy Cummings Miller to receive the afghan.

All those present were informed that the Family would have use of the Banquet Room for the rest of the evening for anyone wishing to remain there to play games or visit with one another.

With motion by Sharron Mathews, second by Matt Glomb, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Sharron Mathews, Secretary/Treasurer